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“Every now and then, along comes an author that writes with true intention. Roni Short does this with her series of books starting with “The Grouchy Goose”. The book is a “ message “strong  book set in a beautiful environment,and great images to truly have children and adults see how being grouchy,can detract you from more important things in life. The Grouchy Goose I believe is one of those books that will be passed down from generation to generation. Thank you Roni Short for sharing your joyful knowledge, and desire to make a difference! Bravo.”

“The Grouchy Goose and the Mallard is a delightful children’s story. Roni Short reminds us all that a friendly attitude is a much preferred way to communicate with one another. This message is so appropriate for both children and adults. This book provides a lovely way to impart the idea of kindness each day.”

Joanne Mahanes Business Owner Mebane, North Carolina

Trevor D. Murray, Business Owner, Canada

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