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- A New Fable by Roni Short -
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- About The Book -


I invite you to read and enjoy this charming fable. Join the Grouchy Goose as he sets out to have a big feast with his family, but ends up learning a big lesson instead.

The Grouchy Goose learns the importance of having a friendly attitude and how being grouchy causes him to act foolishly and even miss out on fun and friendships.

This lovable story is guaranteed to spark essential conversations with children about having a friendly attitude, how to treat others, the importance of sharing, and making friends.


- About The Author -

About The Author

I have wanted to write children’s books since I was a little girl. During my college years at the University of Virginia, my favorite class was Children’s Literature. My passion and enthusiasm for how children learn to read led me to specialize in reading during graduate school where I earned my Master’s Degree in Elementary Education. During the many years that I was an elementary school teacher, I loved nothing more than teaching children to read and seeing their faces light up as they enjoyed a good book.

I decided to put my life-long dream of becoming an author into action. I completed my first book, The Grouchy Goose and the Mallard in 2019. I am currently writing my second book, The Perfect Gift.


My husband, Bo, and I live in Texas with our 5 dogs.


- Upcoming Events -

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- Reviews -


"When a mom or dad is present to witness—or actually create—a spark of understanding as it begins to flame in the eyes of their own child, it is a moment no one ever forgets.  With her newest release, children’s author Roni Short offers us the opportunity to experience communication in its most valuable form.  The Grouchy Goose and the Mallard is already moving many to predict that the author and this particular book will be at the forefront of a cultural revolution—one that will occur during this next decade—and help our children lead each other into a much kinder world than the one in which their parents presently reside. And to think…for that to actually happen, the only thing you and I need do is make certain every child of today owns the book of tomorrow.  The Grouchy Goose and the Mallard by Roni Short.  Miracles will occur in this book's wake.  I’ll be ordering a case."

"Roni Short has given us a beautiful story with a powerful message, perfect for kids of all ages. Make sure every child in your life has a copy of this book!"

Coy Barefoot, Wall Street Journal best selling and award winning author 

“The Grouchy Goose and the Mallard is a wonderful conduit to instill kindness and positivity into future generations. I’ve thoroughly enjoyed reading this story to my grandchildren and encourage anyone to take advantage of the message in this book to re-inforce positive attitude and kindness towards all.”

Pina M., Entrepreneur, Calgary

Andy Andrews, New York Times best selling author of The Traveler’s Gift and The Noticer

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